As a genuinely bisexual girl, I can offer you what no other escort in Dubai can – a thoroughly erotic and sensual experience for all parties. We all know how difficult it is in this country to find ladies who understand and enjoy the nature of the intense sensory pleasure that only a woman can provide to other women. I am equally at ease, sexually speaking, with men or women, so regardless of your level of experience or curiosity, don’t hesitate to write to me – satisfaction is guaranteed. The fact that I truly enjoy these types of encounters is reflected in the fact that, unlike other escorts, I do not charge a premium – my donations are the same as for men.

If you’re bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian; experimenting, novice or experienced; residing here, on business or on holiday; then I’m the woman for you. I’ve been actively bisexual for many years and have introduced many ladies to the wondrous sensuality of physical intimacy with another woman.

I have marvellously dextrous hands; an experienced and skillful tongue; a vibrantly responsive body; and the largest collection of toys in the country for our mutual pleasure. I can be dominant or submissive at your request, as well as feminine or boyish, depending on your preference or mood. Versatility could well be my middle name.

In a similar vein, I always dress to please you, and like to create unforgettable experiences designed specifically for your tastes, desires and fantasies.

I am also available for longer appointments and for foreign travel – simply contact me with your request for further details.

These rates are not subject to negotiation, and please be aware that as an escort and courtesan, these fees are in exchange for my time, not for anything else in which we indulge during the time that we spend together.

Should you wish for a recorded visual memory of your time with me, then I have a professional photographer available for an additional charge of AED1,000. A DVD of stills and video images will ensure that you can relive the experience over and over. This service is purely optional, at your request.


Combine what I've written on my Escort Services page demonstrating what I provide for men, with what I've written above regarding my attitude towards ladies, and you'll find me the perfect accompaniment to your relationship in order to add that extra zest and spice to your sex lives. Whether this is your first foray into the hedonistic pleasures of a menage-a-trois, or you are seasoned veterans on the swinging scene, I'm always eager to be the second F in an MFF combination.

Many couples encounter a minefield of insecurities and paranoia when first talking about exploring the undoubted joys of introducing a third party into their intimate fun, and jealousy and other emotions can often detract from their enjoyment. Similarly, many newcomers end up having drunken fumbles with friends, which are inevitably disappointing - not to mention potentially embarrassing for all parties involved.

By using the services of an elite courtesan such as me, all of these worries and problems disappear, as I am there purely for your satisfaction and pleasure, with no emotional entanglement, leaving this avenue of pleasure open for future exploration.

For those couples that have already taken the first steps into swinging, perhaps in a more liberal country, and are looking to slake your thirst at the well containing the warm waters of the sins of the flesh here in Dubai, then you will find me a most eager addition to your fun and games. We all know that a single woman to join couples is the Holy Grail of the swinging lifestyle, especially in a country like this where any such activity is covert, to put it mildly. So whilst you may not have considered utilising an escort in your home country where swinging is considered more socially acceptable, should you want to continue exploring and developing your sex lives with MFF threesomes, then it is pretty much the only solution for you.

Regardless of your level of experience; regardless of whether you are residing here or on holiday; regardless of what fantasies you want to live out; regardless of any role-play scenarios you'd like to explore; then I am most certainly the girl for you. The Holy Grail is me and I am more than willing to help you enjoy yourselves to the maximum.