Domme Services

Welcome to the darker side of my skills, but I urge you read the following two definitions very, very carefully, and ensure that you understand the subtle, yet not insignificant, difference between the two following terms before deciding what it is that you want.

  • Dominatrix:  A woman who plays the dominant role in a sado-masochistic sexual relationship or encounter.
  • Mistress:  A woman in a position of authority, control, or ownership, of a slave.

Let me be very clear, as in my experience, in this part of the world, there appears to be a lot of confusion between the two. And this confusion exists in the minds of both the men who are seeking the services of the women, and of the women who are purportedly offering such services. But a Dominatrix (or Domme) and a Mistress are NOT the same thing.

A Mistress would never, under any circumstances, consent to having any kind of sexual contact with a slave, as this terminology stems from the practices of slavery from the 16th Century. A Domme, by contrast, is the dominant part of a sexual relationship, albeit one within the realms of the world of BDSM, a far more modern concept intertwining both physical sexuality with psychological submission.

I do not confuse these two ideas, and neither should you. I provide both services, but they are black and white – they are not a mixture of grey.

If you actually want to serve a Mistress and understand that any sexual release which you may seek will only ever be permitted by, but not provided by, the woman who owns and controls you, and that such release may or may not be permitted in her presence, but only if you have pleased her in whichever way she demands of you, then click here to visit my Mistress Services site.

If, on the other hand, you simply like the look and idea of a dominant woman, and want to submit to her sexually, and/or are aroused at the visual stimulation created by a powerful woman, and/or find rubber and leather clothing erotic, and/or feel that enduring some pain and humiliation for the benefit of arousing a woman is worth it for your own sexual gratification, then a Domme Escort service is what you are looking for.

I am also available for longer appointments and for foreign travel – simply contact me with your request for further details.

These rates are not subject to negotiation, and please be aware that as an escort and courtesan, these fees are in exchange for my time, not for anything else in which we indulge during the time that we spend together.

Should you wish for a recorded visual memory of your time with me, then I have a professional photographer available for an additional charge of AED1,000. A DVD of stills and video images will ensure that you can relive the experience over and over. This service is purely optional, at your request.

As a British Dominatrix, I am well versed in the origins of Victorian discipline and as such, my primary tenet of instruction is thus:

"Good behaviour and obedience will be rewarded. Bad behaviour and disobedience will be punished. "

As with my regular Escort Services, I can adapt to any Domme role-play or fantasy scenario that you imagine, and I will tailor your experiences around your specific areas of interest. The following is a comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive, list of the fetishes to which I will cater. If there's something that you can't see, but have an interest in, just ask – I always aim to please.

Complete power exchange; Extended anal play; Asphyxiaphilia (breath play); Biting; Bondage; Nipple torture; Candle wax; Chains; Cock and ball torture; Ball-busting; Toilet training - Uralognia (golden showers); Cuckoldry; Collar and lead training; Caging; Depilation (hair removal); Corporal punishment; Strap-on training; Forced exhibitionism; Forced feminisation; Fisting; Humiliation; Infantilism (adult baby play); Latex, leather, and rubber; Pinching; Slapping; Spitting; Foot worship - both Podophilia (foot fetish) and Retifism (shoe fetish); Arse worship and forced rimming; Sadism; Sensory deprivation; Spanking, paddling and whipping; Verbal abuse...

If you’re looking for a sensual “Tie’n’Tease” type experience, then my boudoir is the perfect setting in which to live out your dreams; if, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more severe, as a professional Mistress, I have a fully equipped dungeon in which to fulfil your fantasies.